Slots Glossary – Glossary

Slots Glossary – Glossary

Slots have changed a lot over the years and the ‘slot language’ has also changed. Let’s take a look at the slots terms in this short version of the glossary.

Basic Slots: Single paylines, also known as straight or “slot machines” slots, have a fixed maximum jackpot that doesn’t change.

Max Bet: Bet the maximum coins in each play/spin. The highest payout occurs when the maximum bet is reached. Exceptions: When playing multi-line slots, breakout slots, all paylines must be active, however, wagering 1-2 coins per line to extend playtime.

Bonus Boost Slots: Contains multiple spins, 5 reels, multiple lines, bonus games, wild symbols. Scatter, multiplier and hold payouts available in online casinos and land.

Accumulate: Amount of credit/cash earned after playing slots. Bonus slots complete the bonus round with the collect button.

Double/Triple Symbols: Whenever these symbols appear in the middle of a single payline slot along with other symbols. Payouts to create successful combinations double or triple. 2 or 3 of the same symbol increases the jackpot payout.

Hit Frequency: Average number of rounds in the channel. The lower the hit frequency, the better.

For example, 2 represents a hit every second and 7 represents an expected hit. The 2nd spin is better than every 7th spin for every 7th spin.

Hold and Respin Bonus Slots: Players earn extra credits by holding the reels while the other reels spin without help.

Line Betting: Betting Tips For Each Active Line: To Get Full Payout In Multi Line Bonus Slots. All available paylines must be active.

Linked Jackpot: Increase as a percentage of the coin bet on two or more machines.

Multiline Slots: Offers up to 50 multiple paylines. Most of these versions are available in penny, nickel, quarter and dollar formats.

Multiplier: Slots are a feature where winning credits are multiplied by 2X-10X to get a bonus.

Multiplier Slots Version: Pays for specific symbols at graduate level, gets 5 coins for ‘cherries’ played 1 coin on 3 reels, pays 10 for 2 coins, pays 15 for 3 coins, pays $1 if paid. Money plays coins.

Nudge Slots: Slots feature where payout symbols ‘drop down’ to win can be basketball, diamond, cherry or wild symbols. You have to scroll up or down a bit and you can earn money. Nudge slots often display the word ‘Deluxe’ in the title.

Progressive Slots: Offer jackpots that increase based on the amount played through linked bank/spin slots. requires more capital And all progressive jackpots require at least 3 coin slots with two jackpot levels, major and minor. The values ​​are reset to the lowest value of each. Playing Max is a must here.

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